Gettin Stuff Done Today

Gonna start workin on Booger again.  First thing is first and get an easy thing done so I can atleast feel accomplished for the day….

Slippery pedals when my feet were wet

BAM BITCH!  $4 later and I got me a grippy, OEM like brake and clutch pedal

I finally got my KE70 Chrome bumpers!  Blinkers are on the way but for now, time to mount them.

Bumpers, Lip, End caps for now.  Gonna give my fab skills a test.  I can drop a 20V into a TE/KE….can I make brackets for bumpers atleast?

Any bracket info would be helpful *COUGH*GRANT*COUGH*  Got this picture from your thread on DC.  I’m gonna cut up my stock bumper for its brackets and go from there…..


~ by mayanwarrior on April 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Gettin Stuff Done Today”

  1. Haha, glad you found that man, i searched everywhere for that pic and i couldnt find it…. thats seriously how dodgy mine are…

    Like i said, measure them up and do it properly, it will be worth it

  2. Sweeet! How much did you pay Luis? What kind of lip is that?

  3. Some advice. Don’t use a trailer hitch an a sawzall with dull blades to make them like I did with my Z. It’ll take like 5 hours. An your hands will hella feel it.

  4. Where did you purchase the bumpers I would like to buy some too.

  5. , &#Hr02;8e2e’s lookin’ at 3,000,000, baby”. I saw MCM disappointed in her speech but would expect her to weather it and “press on regardless”, there being plenty of work ahead, for much of which she’s the ideal choice. Still and all, faced with this undeniable setback, one cannot but speculate what Miraflores-based strategists are thinking about what measures that they may feel themselves constrained to adopt: any ideas out there?

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