Small updates from the LBC

No driving today

But we saw a few photo shoots going on, here is a shot my girl captured of JR posing with his new Monster Mustang

Matt Powers making his way to the venue

I then let loose on the course!


~ by TE72SPL on April 8, 2010.

10 Responses to “Small updates from the LBC”

  1. did you run sideways on the track? lol JK JK
    …i would have =/

  2. Matt powers car is hot!

  3. i liked his style last year better, but im still really excited. his car is way up on power. Tomorrow and sat is gonna be insane! I spotted the pro am R32 and tommy roberts caR in the pits and also a badass black ae86. Also saw jeff’s green NB miata roll in. Gonna be so intense! Im hoping a bunch of these privateers can break into the top 32.

  4. Black AE86 is probably Keith’s car, has a 20v.

  5. Haha awesome, did you run through the corners making loud n/a noises and pretend to clutch kick?

  6. yeah matt power’s car was sick last year. not even as a formula d car, but just a drift car in general. looks hella whack now compared to before, but it’s still way better than most other cars in fd. and still low!

    but 17/18 staggered, i’ve always known him for rock 17’s all around and making it look good.

  7. Black 86 could also be JSP John’s F20C turbo’d Corolla.

    Matt Power’s car is siiick. Still rockin KA, not sellin out with SR! He’s a cool cat. I think he has a crush on elysha, but elysha has a crush on me, and I have a crush on Matt. It’s a vicious love triangle

  8. yea lmao i was pretending to manji the straight before the first turn.. oh man

  9. heading back down there right now so qualifying updates will be up toniteeeeeeee

  10. make sure u get pictures of all 4-doors in attendance, even any nice ones at the parking lot… please

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