Old School on the streets

Here’s a lil sumthing I saw while walking only two blocks to my destination. Normal for peeps from out here, but to me its amazing.. lol Way better than Mass. You wouldn’t see that many cool cars if you stayed a whole month. Thing I love most about Cali is its basically a mecca for car culture. Everywhere you look there is something intersting to see and the great weather keeps the classics on the roads forever.

Awesome Datsun pickup just chillen on the street


Beat up XB but cool rims and you can see the mustang sleeping in the corner and the rolla down the street

Getting ready to head downtown and try to catch some Formula Drift pre-practice day practice. Updates tonite!


~ by TE72SPL on April 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Old School on the streets”

  1. that truck is dope.

    have fun in cali man! is this your first time here?

  2. 2nd time, i went to FD last year too

  3. Nice truck. I had a 79′ Rolla last year. It was auto though so fail.

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