Lucky’s new car.

I went to go pick up a new car this morning:

1995 Subaru Legacy Wagon L

Has the 2.2, so it’s slow.

But for $600,  I’m happy.  You might be wondering why it’s on a tow truck.  Weird conditions, owner is in Utah, car has Utah plates, expired in 2007.  Oh, and no title.  Fuck!  But my friends at a towing company are going to do a lien sale on it, so hopefully that goes through.  Actually, it will.  And then after, I think registration will probably be around $500 or so, so that means $1100 total for a Legacy wagon, I’m down for that.

Plan is, get this car registered, sell the Integra for maybe $2000 or so, take that money and dump it into the TE.  Or get coilovers and wheels for the Wagon.  AWW NIGGA.  I know nothing about these cars, my friend showed me some unequal length headers to make it rumble, I want those.  And as for coilovers, Megans or Godspeed, yeah, I’m cheap as shit I don’t care.  Anyone know about these?  I could care less about ride quality, I just want to know how low they go.

Any Legacy owners?  I’ve got some fitment questions, because apparently 17×8 +22 is flush:

Shit, this might be even cheaper than I thought then.  I’m sure I could find some cheap 17×8’s.  And more cool pictures:

Yeah, those are both the same car.  YokotaS13, I remember him from ZT.  I haven’t seen anything else cool as far as older Legacies (Legacys?) go.

And for reference, Impreza on Megan coilovers:

And Godspeed coilovers:


~ by tehluckinator on April 7, 2010.

One Response to “Lucky’s new car.”

  1. Don’t be spending too much money on this. Need to save some cash for the corolla!!!

    Fucken awesome daily.

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