Yuta in the May 2010 Super Street.

He just sent me this:

He got featured in the newest issue of Super Street, go pick that shit up!  May 2010 issue.  And check out the car at the top HAHA.

His TE is for SALE by the way (not with those front wheels though), and for really cheap!  Located in San Jose, let me know if you’re interested!

  • TE72
  • 2 Door
  • Quad Headlights
  • White
  • Runs
  • Low
  • Awesome

Will be smogged upon sale!  Serious come grab it, it’s a steal!  Worth it just for the quads alone!  I WANT THE DAMN FENDERS AND HOOD.  Someone buy the car for parts and I’ll pay you for the front.


And also.

yuta (1:58:13 AM): omg its huge



~ by tehluckinator on April 5, 2010.

One Response to “Yuta in the May 2010 Super Street.”

  1. Sickkk!! Gotta grab this asap.

    Next page is a SPEC ad, clutch i’m going to buy!

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