this is what started my TE72 CRAZE

Back in 2003 when I attended the second D1GP in America, I saw this car driven by Ryoji Takada.

A Daihatsu Charmant (A55)

Come to find out it is a “Luxury” version of a TE/KE with the Daihatsu badge. Unfortunately we never got it in the States. All of this I found out a couple months ago that TE72 and A55 were the same thing with different looks LOL!

Unfortunately, Ryoji Takada died in 2005 from a loading accident. RIP buddy. You were and still are, my inspiration to being different….


~ by mayanwarrior on April 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “this is what started my TE72 CRAZE”

  1. yeah i loved that car! that was my first d1 i went to haha.

  2. REALLY! My 1st (and only) I went to too! Maybe we were in the same bathroom at one point and I saw yo dick


    wait that was last week

    wait that’s gay

    wait i’m gay


    AW SHIT.

    hey i remember you following nomuken around with your spoon in the option video hahaha

  4. Yea, he/is a stubborn bastard. In the pits, he stayed in his tent and didn’t come out to sign ANYTHING! But once the Option cameras were out, he’s everyones friend. What a crock.

    He signed my spoon though 😀

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