Nice, white, and not quads!

Quads are cool of course, but stock squares can be pulled off as well.  Smoked corner lights too, this car looks good!


~ by tehluckinator on April 1, 2010.

9 Responses to “Nice, white, and not quads!”

  1. Looks hot!

  2. yea the smoked corner lights really help
    orange/yellow ones are disgusting

  3. this thing is sooo nasty

    isidro i guess that means my car is gonna be disgusting cuz thats all i got is orange ones lol

  4. awww!i want a TE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lol mike i meant orange corners with squares… makes it look like some other uncool car
    ur TE is nice and keeps getting better so… dont stop! (thats wat she said… no homo)

  6. Hoo fuck that looks good.

  7. i saw some clear ones for sale one time for like 200 bucks, i got 2 sets of orange ones so i guess ill have to survive haha. 400 for a chrome front jdm bumper… owwies

  8. 200 for clear cornerlights? fuck that!

    btw wtf front lip is that? it looks weird.

  9. Very nicely stanced!

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