My first TE/KE inspiration

The day I first saw the TE72 I was going to buy, I had no idea what i was looking at… I looked at the VIN plate real quick and wrote down “TE72”. It lit up a dim lightbulb in my head and I knew I had heard it somewhere before.. Reason being for my lapse in thought was the front end conversion my car had when i first bought it.

So I got home and jumped on the computer.. hit up youtube.. typed in TE72 and what came up..

at that point I knew what had to be done…

a few days later this video debuted..

Grant’s car and performance sent me into a frenzy and the next day the car was mine and the journey began. lol who knew one year later we would be sharing a blog??!?!

~ by TE72SPL on April 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “My first TE/KE inspiration”

  1. haha thats cool man, im glad my car was such an inspiration 🙂

    That beige ke seiously has got me beat in the noise department, i think i need to straightline the car in second gear more and just limiter bash it for a few seconds lol

    Need Moar Loud!

    I gotta get some footage from QR with the new gze cause its like double the power through that course.

    Loving your 20v man, looks hot! Blacktop sexyness

  2. yeah grant get some gze footage! more “in japan” driting hahaha. and fuck i have the shittiest 20v of the 4 on here!

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