Lucky’s list of things he needs to do/buy

Time to start the swap soon.  Need to pick these up in the next couple of weeks, this is for reference:

  • Cusco motor mounts:

  • Waterline shit:

  • Coilover sleeves and Luis cut and weld struts for me <3:

  • Fix brakes, get rotors and pads.
  • Put in manual rack and have Luis extend the column
  • Put gas tank in
  • Spray engine bay
  • Get wheels from Yuta
  • Pick up stock shocks from Mikeyee
  • Grab AGX’s from Will
  • Pick up motor and clean that shit up

Should be everything to get the car in almost drivable condition.



~ by tehluckinator on March 30, 2010.

9 Responses to “Lucky’s list of things he needs to do/buy”

  1. nice list =) i think its a bit shorter than mine. Im coming to long beach for formula d, are you in that area?

  2. AH WHAT!

    nah man that’s socal i’m in norcal haha.

  3. well i knew u were in cali but u never said what part, now i know =)

  4. Stockton to Long Beach is a journey! Would be fun though.

    Lucky did you cut the filler hole for the gas tank yet? If not get some pics when doing it!

  5. are you going brice?

    and yeah previous owner cut the filler hole. i’ll take pictures. i think he cut inside the trunk too, i don’t know why though.

  6. Naw if anything Round 7 maybe this year. I love irwindale.

  7. Lucky, what manual rack are you using? Why not just get a MK3 intermidiate shaft?

  8. you know whats a hike.. BOSTON to LA.. MAN UP! lol

  9. brice – it’s out of a TE actually ahaha. luis grabbed it for me. and he’s extending my column 4 inches, i didn’t know that worked D=

    mike – good point, shit hahaha.

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