Mitsubishi LRV

Not so much e7 related, but these are cool:

Mitsubishi Expo LRV.  When I first saw pictures I thought it was just another Japanese kei car or something, but then I looked more closely and it was LHD.  Did more research, and yeah, it was sold in the US.  They’re neat, one side has one door, and the other side has two, one is sliding.

Anyone have more info on these?  They seem to be super rare, I haven’t found any on Craigslist, locally at least.

More info from Matt-Panic:

so yeah, they are the 92-96 Plymouth Colt Vista, Mitsubishi Expo LRV, and Eagle Summit Wagon. You get either a 1.8l FF or 2.4l AWD. The AWD engine is a 4g64 which makes the 4g63 a direct bolt in. You don’t have to change the trans or anything. If you can find one they are really cheap. Mine was $700 for a 95 with all power options and 98k miles. About the closest thing with any kind of aftermarket support is the Colt from the same years. The guy I sold mine to is in the middle of swapping in a 4g63. My brother has done a little work to his and drifted it ebrake style. I’m sure he has more info for you.



~ by tehluckinator on March 22, 2010.

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