Future waterline setup.

I’m pretty cheap, but besides that, this seems  like a good idea.  I’ve read about it creating hot spots, but I don’t know how it would be different from running a waterline kit at all.  Water is still passing through the same exact way, it’s just, instead of  a waterline kit making a passage between each hole, there’s a passage created on the head.

But instead of welding the holes

I found these on Club4AG:

Motor should be in my possession by the end of next week, so hopefully all of this goes down soon.  The engine harness is a fucking rat’s nest right now, NOTHING is wrapped.  It ran though, but wow, it’s ridiculous.  Pictures later.



~ by tehluckinator on March 15, 2010.

One Response to “Future waterline setup.”

  1. Only crappy thing about this way is the 16v head gasket.

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