Potenza made shocks? Since when?

Went to Brian’s house to pull the shocks and the front springs from my car.  Sold the shocks, anyone want the springs?  TRD Japan, 8kg, uncut, barely used.  Still blue… and clean.  Make an offer.  Once the car is running (which is never), I’ll be doing coilovers on the front, and I already have some AGX’s waiting, so hopefully that works out.

Last time I was there I wanted to see if white Supras would look good.  Bad idea, I’m not diggin it.

Flat tires, weak wheels.  It’s official, I have the shittiest car here.  But I think we all knew that haha.

The front height is perfect, but it’s on shock, no springs.  So WTF.

Pictures courtesy of Brian from Sexytimekids, check out our team blog on the right!  Runit!


~ by tehluckinator on March 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Potenza made shocks? Since when?”

  1. i do not see a link to your team blog?

  2. Thats right, get working!!

  3. there i fixed it ahah

  4. Nice change. I’ve always liked the box Rolla’s. I’m lookin get TE wagon as a daily as soon as I have a little extra cash.

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