Huge update coming soon!

A lot of new changes are coming soon, stay tuned!  I’ll be working on it soon.

I mean, we!

Enjoy this for now.

With a man motor.  Oh man, I love Wagons.  I think I’ll get one (okay!).


~ by tehluckinator on March 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Huge update coming soon!”

  1. Oh… this wagon is so full of win!

  2. why do TE guys seem to be on the quicksteer hype. they manji some 8 times before they get to the corner. lucky u better drive your car like a man haha.

  3. nah i’m gonna baby it in second, no initiation, just turn and full throttle. with a little wiggle at the exit. AHAHAH!

  4. ahaha at least your honest i guess. well that better not last long. i wanna see some super vicious clutch kicks

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