Kenny’s TE!

I’m pretty sure this is the first TE72 I’ve ever seen in my life.

You had this back in like… 2005, right?  Shit was (or is) so dope!  I remember the first thing I noticed was the asianthumbs banner on the front HAHA.  And I’ve wanted to buy it since forever.  My ultimate plan would be to sell my Integra and pick this up from you, then send it to Performance Options to get it running.  Oh man.  You still down to sell?


~ by tehluckinator on March 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Kenny’s TE!”

  1. Haha! Definitely the first one I’d ever seen/noticed back then. First time I met Kenny was at blossom hill golf land back in like 05

  2. yeah u can still buy it! haha, yeah man 2005 doesnt sound that long ago but style has changed plenty over the years!


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