Paging BKH808

Hey Brice, I saw you post this on 3tcgarage.

Where is this car from?  Not feeling those fender flares but that car looks like it might be beast.

~ by tehluckinator on March 4, 2010.

10 Responses to “Paging BKH808”

  1. The owner of that car lives about 10 mins from where i live, it had an NA Sr in it…. Not sure that the car is still together, he’s currently working on an sr20det mx73 cressida

  2. NA SR, sounds like a bad idea haha. and what a coincidence!

  3. I found that picture I think almost a year ago. Thats the era I was into flares haha.

  4. I should really start blogging again. I need to drop blogspot and get a wordpress asap.

  5. hell yeah man. i was thinking of turning this into a community one where we could have multiple people’s builds on here. if you look at the top it says “my te72” so i mean we could have multiple pages. let me know if you’re down!

  6. Yah that would be cool, lemme get the in’s and out’s of working wordpress. Oh btw check Kenny’s latest log. He was here last week so we chatted a little on corolla’s and his previous green wagon :p bonus,,, picture there too.

  7. i like those sidepipes a lil, been tossing the idea around myself. I have this huge chrome slash cut truck exhaust tip was gonna run out back as a blast pipe or out the side like that

  8. multiple builds on the blog sounds sick also

  9. cool, let’s set it up guys! email me so we can talk more about it

    AIM – Luckysscreename

  10. That Was my car, haha

    Amazing what comes up when you google your name haha

    Car is long goneskis now.

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