MKII with an extra I


AE86DC is back up, I don’t know WTF is going on over there, but that means the build threads are back up.  I was reading through some of them and found this dude, “Calknowles.”  Check out his build thread here.  I don’t like MKIII’s that much (well, they’re better than Centerlines… I mean, MKI’s) but they look good on his car.  Maybe they’re growing on me, they look good on Utah’s car, too.

Looking tough as (AUSTRALIAN SLAAAANG) with x9’s in the rear.  Awesome.  I need to flare my rear guard.  I mean, I need to get my car running.

Motor should be going in this weekend hopefully!


~ by tehluckinator on March 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “MKII with an extra I”

  1. i saw you selling your MS setup on club4ag.. any chance you could pull the msq off of your megasquirt before you sell it and let me take a look at it? Would help me out a ton thanks

  2. i could send you pictures of it, i’m not sure if i’m selling it yet. what’d you need?

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