AE86drivingclub got hacked, my goldmine is GONE.  FUCK MAN.  And now the website remains offline until, well some “democracy” bullshit, it’s nuts.


$1000 for a website?  Corolla owners aren’t ballers holy shit!


~ by tehluckinator on February 27, 2010.

7 Responses to “GODDAMNIT.”

  1. did you used to play live for speed online a few years ago? For some reason i remeber sliding with you on there. Oh yea should be workin on the car today or tomorrow if i decide to go out in the snow and rain and get shit done

  2. Its not a big loss, its a good website but theres a lot of bullshit on there…

    Check out http://www.hachiroku.com.au/blog/ its like 86dc’s nemesis, i dont go on much myself but its ok

  3. Mike – yeah dude i used to play haha. [Yashio]Luckinator ahah oh man! what was your name?

    Grant – all those build threads i never got to read. hella sad!

  4. It’s back on!

  5. It just told me to go to the hachiroku website Grant linked to. Get your motor yet Brice?

  6. Dude not yet. Coming from East Canada to Korea then making its way to Hawaii. Really bummer waiting…

  7. Fuck man your motor needs to come already haha.

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