I always like to use my thumb to block the rear bumper.  TE’s look so much better without them!  Luis has chrome bumpers to install though, so it’ll look rad.

More 20v hype!  He has blacktop though.

~ by tehluckinator on February 26, 2010.

8 Responses to “Looooeeeeees!”

  1. Hey whats up, I’m building a Te72 like yours and have some extra stock blacktop parts if you need anything. You can check out the build here. Good luck!


  2. Awwww thanks Lucky ❤

    I need to get me a wordpress for my build. I like Booger

  3. Hey Mike, what blacktop stuff do you have? This is what I think I need so far to go to stock electronics:

    Harness (could be silvertop I think?)

    Yeah, I don’t know what else I’d need to go back to stock from a Megasquirt setup. Educate me if you can please haha.

    But yeah let me know what you’ve got, I’m interested!

  4. im actually going to a MS setup myself and gonna run the Ford EDIS for ignition. I have the distributor if you want it. I still have my harness but i think im gonna chop it up so i can use the stock connectors for my MS harness im going to make. To go back to stock you will also need an igniter and coil also. I have those if you want. If anything maybe we could trade some of your MS stuff for some of my stock stuff? I already sold my ecu. Thats basically all you would need. Hmm i cant think of much else. Any questions just ask. Ive been researching all of this for almost a year (Stock and MS)

  5. Very cool man, I will let you know. I’m thinking of just keeping all the Megasquirt shit now. I mean I thought about it, it was running when it came out, so… it should be tuned already, you know? It’s just a headache because I don’t know what’s done to the motor and what’s not. I’ll just have to sort it out, I think in the end I’d benefit from having a tunable ecu.

    And sweet you’ve been researching Megasquirt stuff! Enlighten me haha!

    Your build is coming along really nicely btw, more updates!

  6. Also, please post pictures of your feddys on the 14x7s when you mount them. I’m REALLY interested to see how they fit. And cool wheels!

  7. Thanks alot, yea I wanted the reliability of stock everything. Then somehow i got in my head how easy it would be to MS it and have a tunable ecu. Who knows, i hope it comes together as easy as it looks. Ill be sure to let you know when i get the tires on. My other two longchamps should be here on monday and the tires shortly after that. I cant wait!

    P.S. The problem i was finding online with the stock ecu is that it wants to see an electrical speed signal to the ecu to unleash full power and redline. If not it thinks you are in nuetral and limits rpms and power to prevent you from blowing the motor as if you were not moving.

  8. Great build Mike!! About to do the same thing once my Blacktop arrives. Getting to be a popular swap eh?

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