“Performance” wheels, without the quotes.

I’ve always noticed overseas people with hunnit spokes like mine always looked wider and more concave.  Then Grant told me he had performance wheels.  Was browsing around ae86drivingclub and found another red TE/KE (fuck, I’m just gonna call them TE’s) with the same damn wheels:

Yeah, definitely not mine with spacers.  Checked his build thread, they’re Performance  Wheels Inc, as in, Performance the company.    I thought “performance wheels” was just some Australian slang HAHAHA.  Fuck me!  They’re a company based in Australia, here’s a link.  Hurricane isn’t listed on that site, but AJPS (another Australian site) has them for sale here.

Australia +1 again!


~ by tehluckinator on February 24, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Performance” wheels, without the quotes.”

  1. We actually had a group buy to get a bunch of these made up in 14×8 -10, though it looks as though theyre in production now on the ajps website… at least we still got them cheap.
    Theyre good wheels and the same size as my hayashi streets so they look good spinning in 3rd lol

  2. I like em.

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