And more Robotronic eight six.


Check out Robo86’s blog, link to the right!

Care to share your alignment settings?  I’m mostly curious to see what caster Corolla people run, I keep getting different answers.  More Corolla people chime in please.  And I hear you can run more caster with power rack than manual, but fuck that.

Also, to Australian dudes, I notice you guys all list your mods, NCA 45mm.  Not NCRCA?  And 45mm?  I have NCRCAS but they’re 35mm, T3 shit.  I went on the AJPS website, I only see NCAs in 40mm.

Corolla dudes post your alignment settings in my comments please gogogo!

And another Australia fact, gold mine for TE’s/KE’s!  I’ve always looked for build ups, and I finally went on ae86driving club, and they have an xe7x section.  Awesome.  Australia +1 @_@


~ by tehluckinator on February 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “And more Robotronic eight six.”

  1. hey mate, we usually use rca’s, not ncrca… the extra camber you can get from those we usually use camber tops and longer lower control arms.

    I usually run a fair bit of castor, a little bit of toe out and only a degree or two of camber… i think i have my cusco tops set to the middle and i have T3 lca’s set pretty short (cant remember the exact length)

    Also not sure about more castor with power steering rack… but you are better off having power steering arms and a standard rack. The reason power steering models don’t have stupid amounts of lock is because they have a shorter(?) steering rack which cancels out the shorter arms.

  2. Oh also, check this, its a shame robo’s car looks the way it does at the moment because it used to look soooo sooo sooooooo much hotter…

    Fuckin police

  3. ballers with your adjustable lca’s! at first my car is supposed to be as budgeted as possible, but after getting that silvertop i’m starting to think differently haha. but yeah i’ve read about guys getting more caster with power rack, but i know manual/standard rack and power knuckles is the way to go.

    and robo’s car looks rad (well it still is haha), shame australian laws are so shitty like california.

  4. Yea its a shame such an awesome car was attacked, it was so pure and awesome…. those work equipe o3’… my god they were hot

  5. haha thanks for the post bro!

    yer fucking cops spoil all the fun 😦

    my alignment settings are:

    -3.25 camber (xt130 lca, cusco tops maxed)
    1mm total toe out (0.5mm each side, its my ddaily 😛 )
    +6.5 Deg Castor (dmax rods)

    i used to rock 45mm RCAs, but now im not low i dont need any at all, car handles great, lcas sit pretty flat so yer all good!

    i will keep my blog updated, thanks again!

  6. holy shit +6.5?! do you have a standard/manual rack?!?! or power?

  7. hey man,

    Stock manual rack (GT)

  8. holy shit! how did you manage to run +6.5 degrees? everyone i know who maxes their caster out says their tension rods max out at around 3 or 4 degrees. maybe dmax tension rods are amazing!

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