Oh, and the TE

Circa 2007?  2006 Maybe?

What a pile of shit hahaha.

Specs of the car at the time:

  • Stock 3tc, I swear it’s like 50 hp
  • Potenza Gymkhana shocks (I’ve never seen these, they’re for sale btw, not short stroke though)
  • T3 camber plates
  • TRD springs 8kg front 6kg rear
  • T3 4 link
  • T3 panhard
  • T3 NCRCAs
  • Stock stupid steering box
  • Stock rear end, I don’t know what it is, 3.9?  With welded diff

Notice how the downhill was okay, but once I went uphill it was a wrap haha.  What a fun car.  Maybe I should have never pulled the motor and just Puerto Rican 3tc turbo’ed that shit.


~ by tehluckinator on February 18, 2010.

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