I’ve been going back and forth about 13’s on Corollas.  It seems to be a hit or miss, they either look great, or they look like poo poo.  I’m used to seeing some rare-ass Tom’s wheels or some Wats in 13’s, on some Tito Boy Starlet from the Philippines.  I’ve never thought any cars from the Philippines looked good, so I’d just brush it off as “Oh whatever, it’s old Pinoy shit” blah blah blah.

After getting into Corollas more, I’ve found out the only good thing about 14’s is the looks.  It’s hard to find something 8 inches wide that isn’t over $1000, meanwhile Sportmax go all day in 15×8, and same goes for 13’s.  Tire sizing as well, all I could really find is some 185/60/14 and a couple of 185/55’s.  Now if the most common size for 14’s is 14×7, then it’s gonna look like shit.  But with 15’s and 13’s, they have a bunch of different tire sizes available.

And 15’s are too big on TE’s to me, here’s an example:

Sweet wheels, sweet car, right?  But that’s like putting 18’s all around on an s13 with no kit, looks huge.

So I’ve been giving more thought about 13’s recently.  This caught my attention:


Now here’s a bad example of 13’s:


So someone educate me, recommend some sweet 13’s that are wide.  Pictures of TE’s with 13’s.  Something, anything!

I like this (well, the rear, it’s 13’s):


~ by tehluckinator on January 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “13’s?”

  1. rota RBs

    13×8 +4

    they are like $250 for used set.

    looks bigger visually than 14″ MKIIs, equip 01s, etc.

    just dont go 15″ please.

  2. its all in the ride height and tyre choice! that yellow one that looks poos is standard height with balloon tyres!

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