Dear America,

Please learn this. (BTW babe listen to the second song that plays!  THAT’S MY JAM!)

I’ve always noticed it, even before I started actually drifting myself.  And it’s always been one of those “unspoken” rules that I’ve only discussed with people, but finally I’ve seen a video about it.

I always see Americans and New Zealand/Australia blah blah blah, non-JDM people turn in and then immediately let go of the steering wheel.  What the fuck man.  Or what’s even worse, some people do some hand-over-hand bullshit.  This isn’t no unprotected green light.  Here’s a perfect example.

Hands are fucking everywhere.  And he even includes the “backing up out of the parking space” one-handed palm steering.  Where do they learn to drive like this?  I’ve never seen a single video of a Japanese person drive like this.  Forgive my JDM Fanboy-esque state-of-mind (myles empire state of mind haha), but last time I checked, they made drifting.  Here’s a perfect example, thanks to our drift god Haruguchi:

And don’t give any bullshit OH IT’S A 240/RX-7/BLAH BLAH BLAH POWERSTEERING car bullshit.

Ueo, your favorite.

So America, get more gooder at drifting.  We also suck at tandem.


~ by tehluckinator on January 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “Dear America,”

  1. ive see japanese drivers let go. you in the wrong concrete jungle

  2. i do that sometimes.

  3. what the hell man you’re jdm!

  4. only sometimes!

  5. Guess who that is.


  6. yeah but look where his hands are most of the time. i’m talking about people who raise the fuckin roof when the wheel is countersteering ahaha.

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