Some inspiration.

No rear bumper, dark watanabes. White!

Nice color. 14x9.5 in the back, rad.

MKII ❤ and more white!

Pretty set on no rear bumper.  Don’t know what to do about the front though, you can’t just… take it off.  I mean, you can, but I’m assuming it’ll make the whole front end more flexible.  Unless someone (Kenny) wants to sell me (Kenny!) their chrome bumpers (KENNYYYY!!!) then that would be perfect.  I’ve gotta figure something out with a chin spoiler, too.  And Brian has quads, I just need fenders and a hood.  Oh man, quads ❤  YEAH, IT’LL LOOK LIKE AN E30 AND 510.

I’m debating on going either white or almond.  Not beige/khaki, that’s too vintage looking.  Here’s almond:

Sup Phil of the Future. This one's flat, right?


It’s a lot lighter than beige/khaki, to me it would look tacky if it was darker.  But hey, my car isn’t running, so I have tons of time to figure shit out.

Well, I might as well look more forward.  Things left to get for the car to make it drive more gooders:

  • manual rack
  • traction brackets?
  • tension rods
  • lsd rebuild kit, not T3, the max grip one =O~ (I just found out that stock is 1.5, not 1.  AMAZING)
  • figure out the shocks and springs for the front

I’m going back to Brian’s this weekend to try to crank the car.  Strapped for cash though, but I guess there’s nothing to buy.  Someone give me a battery please!


~ by tehluckinator on January 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Some inspiration.”

  1. Thanks for share! Very cool post 🙂

  2. Manual Rack! Thats what im doing.

  3. hahaha thats phils 86 and my civic!

  4. oh wait you already knew that.

    sorry drunk.

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