More of this weekend.

I got to drive Brian’s car and Emilio’s car.  BRIAN YOU NEED AN ALIGNMENT.  I forgot how it is to drive with stock arms, it feels like complete shit.  My first try in Brian’s car I did a little baby ebrake initiation, thinking I’d “take it easy” so I could see how it felt.  I turned in, ebraked, AND SPUN.  WHAT THE FUCK.  No feedback, sloppy steering, oh man.  And he’s single cam, so you have to transfer like a Corolla.

Emilio’s car was way better, he has everything except for rucas, and tie rods.  And a dual cam.  His clutch I pressed in like an inch and it kicked out.  Awesome!  It felt like I had an SR because he’s on 15’s and 195’s.  I still didn’t like it though, the lack of tie rods was fucking me up, so when I’d try to get more angle it’d lock, and I’d end up spinning.  And I think I’m used to more throttle because I usually use 215’s in the back, and 17’s.

I guess drifting other people’s cars makes me remember how spoiled I’ve been with adjustable parts.  And it makes me appreciate my own settings even more.  I didn’t think it’d make too much of a difference, but being in a car with your preferences is so much better.  But thanks again to you niggas for letting me drive.

Stock angle D= hello my old coilovers!

Stock angle D= hello my old coilovers!

God Brian I give you so much props for drifting that thing @_@, let alone TANDEMING.



That picture doesn’t show how close and how well you were following Emilio’s line.  Bravo Brian.


You should run someday, that would be cool.

All pictures courtesy of Dre.  Or Dre’s camera at least.  Or Brian’s.  God I can’t remember, one of you guys.


~ by tehluckinator on January 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “More of this weekend.”

  1. Is it that big a diff? I’ve never driven an adjustable car. What’s your full setup?

  2. dude. hell yes.

    tie rods with spacers
    toe arms
    tension rods

    only thing missing is traction rods.

    seriously night and day.

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