New first post?

I deleted (or privated) all of my previous posts, because I realized how much bullshit is on here.  And then I realized that people I don’t know actually read this.  Oops haha.

So I’ll start over.  This will mainly be about my TE build up, so I can document it and all that bullshit.

Well I went to go look at it the other day at Brian’s house, oh man it’s in pieces.

Looks... okay from the driver's side...

Aw crap.

The problem with it is the injectors don’t fire.  Motor starts up fine with starter fluid, but just continues to crank when you use the ignition.  Brian changed pretty much everything that has to do with fuel, tried changing the ECU, injectors, fuel rail, blah blah blah, nothing worked.  He changed the engine harness too, but not the underdash.  So I took the underdash that was in the car, and I’m gonna unwrap it and see if anything is wrong.

I’m probably gonna fuck up.

Well anyway, anyone have a GZE or 20v swap they wanna sell?  Or… TRADE FOR AN INTEGRA?


~ by tehluckinator on January 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “New first post?”

  1. tehluckinator!

    Are you gonna make your TE pink or what? ^_^

  2. check yo grounds son!!!

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