Phantom of the scrap

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It’s been a long time coming, with a ton of work to get my daily back on the road. I bought the car earlier this year to replace Betsy White, an ’83 Liftback identical to this one which, before I owned it, had been t-boned. Driving around in a T-boned car for about 3/4’s of a year was actually good times. It was missing a window, but we enjoyed it, even during the snow. Eventually Betsy Blue was found and White was retired. Drove Blue around for a few months before the 4ac popped at a fairly inopportune time. With no money I eventually dragged the drivetrain out of an ’80 Tercel, and out of betsy blue. In the mud, in the middle of the forrest, with a few scraps of tools I managed to hack together the two cars into one. Literally dragging motors in the rain and mud around by myself in the yard beside my trailer. It wasn’t fun but eventually, it turned over with the key. Then I did something dumb, I forgot to fill the trains with fluid. So there it sat, me without a car for a month and a half. Eventually I secured a transmission from the mainland and swapped it in. It wasn’t until the car was together and running again that I realized how much work I had done…..

The now nearly completely new drivetrain goes something like this:
-Recently rebuilt Tercel 3AC engine
-Emissions deleted 4AC manifolds and carb
-4Ac distributer
-4AC engine mounts
-3AC electric fan
-Depowered rack
-Depowered brakes
-40mm extended lower control arms
-Shortened tercel tie rods
-Ae86 front struts and brakes
-Steering rack spacers
-Tercel front shock inserts
-Mystery ‘race’ front springs
-New sway bar bushings
-Manual transmission conversion
-Resurfaced 3ac fly wheel
-Brand new clutch slave
-New clutch and pressure plate
-Homemade Starter mount (3AC flywheel is a smaller diameter)
-Ae86 clutch pedal setup with braided line
-Cut rear Eibach springs
-Saab inverted KYB shocks

Most of this stuff took cutting and grinding, as everything fit close, but not quite close enough. A majority of it was not bolt in stuff, but it all seems to work now. A nearly complete drivetrain swap for about $200. Pretty stoked. 🙂

Wet and Wild TE72 action

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Vid my wonderful fiance put together from our last event. It was a wet one!

Progress, sure!

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E7 Club seems dead. So let’s throw a little life into it! Wagon is coming along slowly. Soon my preciousssssss….

Locked Out

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Down on Displacement, lol 3ac swap.

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My buddy Toan came by, we rolled the rolla out of the garage and he worked his magic with the lens. This was the result.

Heartbreaker for Japan, relief project.

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As some of you may know, I’m part of a car club by the name of Heartbreaker. One of our members Yuta, has taken the initiative to start this up with the help of our good friend Grayson to help with the relief project in Japan. If you can’t scrounge up $5, please pass the word on for us.

My name is Yuta Akaishi and i am part of a car club by the name of Heartbreaker, If you are reading my blog i assume you have a decent idea of what kind of cars we build and drive. We have huge respect for Japan and many of our friends and family call Japan their home. Personally for me, my whole family lives in Japan and have been affected my the earthquakes, the tsunami and now the complications with the nuclear power plants.

We have never sold any stickers with any variation of our logo to the public, however i would like to do so at this time and offer these vinyl stickers which i will be personally making for sale at five dollars each, The same person who designed our Heartbreaker logo, a good friend of ours – Grayson was kind enough to design this logo for us as he is also Japanese American with family in Japan, We are all striving to do our own little part in helping those in need and urge you to do the same.

Every penny that i can raise through the sale of these stickers will be donated to aid the recovery of Japan, meaning when you donate $5.00, i will forward that money right to Japan. The sticker is just a gift that i would like to send to you. The postage and cost of materials will be paid for by myself as my contribution to aiding Japan. I would very much appreciate it if you could post this info up on any forums, blogs, facebook pages that you frequent.

You can order by sending $5 to through paypal (just click the donate button at the bottom right of my blog!), please be sure to include your desired color and your mailing address, and also please send an email including the paypal email address that you used, mailing address and desired color to so i can verify your order and stay in contact with you. Thank you very much, and below is the exact design that you will be receiving: available in white, black, silver or chrome, 8″ in length.

Hi Davey.

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That was the fastest flick ever.  You’re awesome, sir.


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Corey, One of the Locals posted this up on facebook from his Math class.

Continue reading ‘Nerds!’

Dilla heads.

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Some Jazz band called Stray Phrases does all of Donuts in a set.  Sick!  Boo to the people talking though, I’m imagining them being at some ritzy lounge. “What’s a J Dilla?’